Repair Service

This service developed from wanting to make small but valuable contributions to our community and the environment.
The idea is to help people extend the lives of their clothes and accessories (such as fabric bags or anything that is made of fabric and/or yarn!)

With the rise of fast fashion, it is true that you can buy new clothes cheaper than you might pay for a repair, but my hope is that more people start thinking that it’s more sustainable and cooler to repair your clothes and keep using them!

To get the repair service:

  1. Please send clear photos of your damaged product to Craftuno at: .
    Please include a brief description of the issue (hole, stain, tear, etc.).
  2. Craftuno will let you know if the item can be repaired and, if so, give you an estimate of the time and price. Please understand that scheduling of repairs at certain busy production moments may not be possible.
  3. If we reach an agreement to make the repair, please drop off the item at my place in Montrose, Houston. Once it is repaired, I will message you for the pickup. 
  • At this moment I am only offering the repair service for local customers who can drop off and pick up the item. 
  • As I do not have an industrial sewing machine (I’m planning to get one in the future. Hopefully soon!), I can not repair a very thick fabric items such as thick blankets.

Repair Examples